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DONE: FFBookmarkUnpacker

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Unpacks Firefox bookmarks.html bookmarks as .url files and subfolders.

Download and more information available here

fix datestamp bug
fix encoding issue: now uses UTF-16 for ini read/write, UTF-8 for bookmarks.html read
faster unpack with less/better regex

code cleanup
.url datestamp matches bookmark.html date strings

bugfixes: nested subfolders, separator lines, bookmarks without subfolders

fix special characters error
set profile in ini
cleans up old bookmarks before copying

fix: special characters error
fix: profile issue bypassed by letting user set path manually

first version

Sounds interesting.

unpacks Firefox 3 bookmarks.html boomarks as .url files and subfolders
This is an easy way to have FF3 bookmarks show up in FARR and Everything.
-Nod5 (May 15, 2010, 12:00 PM)
--- End quote ---
So does that mean FARR's non-contiguous matching can be applied to find a candidate folder which might contain a bookmark for which I'm having trouble remembering any matching strings for? :)

nice work, this reminds me of PlainOldFavorites. :up:

ewemoa: yeah getting hits on folder keywords is possible with this. I was aiming especially for that because I use Firefox's internal bookmarks only to "bookmark all" on sets of open pages on some topic and put tags in the folder title.

For single bookmarks I use Tourl ( ) to make a tagged .url in one whopping big folder. No need for sorting when FARR/Everything sorts things out  8)

edit: BTW, the Multicolumn Bookmarks add-on is useful for anyone with many bookmarks folders in Firefox:

Apologies if this is not a support thread...

FFBMU does not find my bookmarks, I get an error referencing a non existant profile.  Can the path to the correct profile be set in the ini?

thanks, J


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