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Perry Mowbray:
N.A.N.Y. 2011
New Apps for the New Year
NANY has for some years been the premier software event on DonationCoder where we've seen 100's of new applications released for the New Year for the simple but glorious pleasure of the Cody Mug; from its humble beginnings in its inaugural year of 2007 to the big events of 2009 & 2010. NANY is a community event where coders pit their skills against the clock and DC members join in with suggestions, testing and help with other aspects of the entry such as graphics, icons, translations and help documentation.

This year we are broadening the event, reducing the complexity and rules whilst providing the same encouragement to software authors of all types and backgrounds to successfully complete the NANY 2011 challenge. You can form a team to work on the one project, you can re-write one of your old applications, publish an online web service script, you can write a plug-in for another programme: you can almost do whatever you like as long as it's new, yours and free.

This year the opportunity exists for coders to start the process early and aim to build a substantial new project for release as part of NANY.  We will try our best to feature large applications appropriately and get them the attention they deserve. It's never too early to start planning and discussing your NANY 2011 entries, and although you can pledge as late as December, we encourage you to pledge early and enter into the NANY Community spirit and take advantage of the vast resources available to you on DonationCoder.


* Pledge that you are participating in NANY 2011 by starting a New Thread on the NANY 2011 Board. This thread will eventually contain the released version of your software. Your thread can also be used for suggestions, ideas, bug testing and reviews if needed, up to release.
* The software can be anything!

* Game, productivity application, utility, web script, etc.; for any OS, for any device, for any purpose; big or small, full-featured or simple (Though this year we've made lots of time available and we'd really like to see some larger, full-featured releases!).
* It needs to be free for personal use, donationware, or open source -- and be a program that hasn't been previously made public.
* You retain all rights to your software.
* Post the Release Version to your Pledge Thread before the end of the year.
* After January 1 we will evaluate, package and publish the entries on various sites, such as Newsletters and YouTube videos.
We ask that non-coder volunteers become part of the Event and offer their services to help the coders with things like beta testing, feature suggestion, graphics/icon development, etc. We've had some very generous donations of software that will be given to our very generous volunteers that will make the best use of their time... more details later.

Entry Ideas
The NANY 2011 Ideas Thread is located here. It's a great place to put your idea for that app you were always wanting (but too afraid to ask); and if you're a coder, then it's a wonderful resource of ideas that already have user interest.

Thank you Perry for so enthusiastically championing the NANY events!

To everyone on the forum, we asked for your help in figuring out how to improve NANY -- and we took your comments very seriously -- so seriously that we reversed course.  Instead of adding more "rules" and deadlines, NANY 2011 is now simpler and less complicated to participate in.

But now it's time to really ask for your help.  We really would love NANY to be a great experience for both the coders and for the visitors to the site looking for new creations to use in their daily lives.  Please help us make this NANY better than ever before.

If you are a coder and a friend of DonationCoder -- show it by committing to creating a substantial new project to release on January 1st as part of NANY.  My promise is that we will honor your work and celebrate it.  I'd love to see some real showstopper serious applications this time!

I promise to release a new big application, I hope you fellow coders will join me and make this the excuse you need to start on a new project.  Will you?

Perry Mowbray:
Thank you Perry for so enthusiastically championing the NANY events!-mouser (May 12, 2010, 11:43 PM)
--- End quote ---

Well, I'm excited!  :greenclp: So excited (especially with the amount of time available), that I've even pledged  ;)

But it's not just me: I need to thank all the other DC members who have put a lot of thought (and posting) into the set-up of this year's NANY: Thanks!!  :Thmbsup:

I will do what I can.

That being said; My skills lay in Beta testing Advertising and Media Exposure, above all others.

So to start; Do you folks mind if I use the Announcement Post, slightly modified as a press release?
The extra time on this annual project will allow me time to capitalize on it's significance  ;)

It may not yield at first, but I will also post to Rainmeter immediately.

Give me time, and I may be able to utilize this as a push for the DC community and get better recognition of who we are and what we do  :Thmbsup:

What say you???

That would be great.. it would be wonderful to get out the word early to other programmers who don't know about NANY, and welcome some new people into the process!


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