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Why Macs Suck

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@ edvard: It's allways nice when you find one of those in the middle of your 5000 lines of code, and can't trace it's origin ;)
But my question was what was displayed on OSX when it finds a kernel exception. (unbelievable, i could find hundreds of pictures of blue screen of death, but only one on the bomb dialog... If i was a mac supporter, i would say that proves that mac os is more stable. Actually, my real opinion is that win95/98 were bad examples of software :P)

I've never even touched a mac and so I have no idea how they handle a segfault, or any errors as far as that goes...
Unix came from Bell labs and IBM. The same guys who wrote it are now doing Plan 9.
BSD was Berkely College's version of Unix and is still today considered properly in the Unix family.
Linux was derived from/inspired by Minix, a Unix clone written by one of Linus Torvald's professors.
GNU was Richard Stallman's clone of the Unix system that ran on a Unix kernel.
It was the mating of the last two that produced the infamous OS we all call Linux.

For those interested:
The Unix Family Tree

And what about HyperCard?
:duck & run:

if you haven't seen some of the mac osx dashboard stuff though, some of the visuals are damn impressive.  it's kind of like those silly computer scenes in movies where someone is checking their email and you are like wtf kind of crazy email system is that with all the visual effects and stuff.  mac programmers put in a LOT of effort to make their apps look slick.

nice short piece on mac one button mouse with some good comments:

...and because mac mice ship default with one button, you have to either keep the button pressed for a couple of seconds or do mouse+keyboard combos for at lot of things were a right-click would have sufficed. Slow and kludgy.


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