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NANY 2010 Release: Anuran

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Somehow reinstalling windows helped. So problem solved.

Apologies, Greybrow, I missed your previous post.  I'm glad the issue is solved, though.  =]

Hi forum and skwire,

first of all, thanks for this wonderful piece of software that has made detailed billing a snap for me for many years.

However, what I just realized (don't tell anybody because my clients will sue me with compensation claims) is that Anuran actually creates a perfectly normal entry in the logfile also when the popup window is simply dismissed (by clicking on the "X" botton)!

It must be untold times that I have dismissed the popup via the "X" button because I had not been working on a client project in the respective elapsed time period but was doing something else (for example, procrastinate).

Now I realize that every time the popup was dismissed, my client still was billed in the end because Anuran would create a log file entry also when dismissing!

Therefore, I'd strongly vote for a little code change that simply makes Anuran do nothing when dismissing the popup via the "X" button.

Thanks for listening,



Anuran even creates a new line in the log if the popup window is dismissed by pressing "Esc"!

Please, this needs to be fixed!

PS: also, the time in the titlebar and status bar seems to be wrong. It should read 14:21 (or 2:21 pm), but not 04:21

skwire, are you there?

Sorry for ranting on and on, but the possibility to dismiss the Anuran popup without creating a log entry is so much needed in my view.

For example, I just came back from lunch, and of course there is the Anuran popup sitting and showing that (sophisticated) text about what I was working on just before lunch -- but there being no way not to create a log entry (without loosing the last text entry's wording, that is)  :(


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