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NANY 2010 Release: Anuran

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Hiya :>

I'm using this -- in a very, very basic way -- to track my movements. Brilliant. :)

So I have it set to pop up every 30 minutes and I use a little Clipboard-Help-And-Spell set of possibilities to paste in my current location from a list. And I have Anuran set to store the entry when I hit Enter, and to remember the previous entry.

So a couple of things I've noticed:

I'd kinda like Anuran to popup when it starts, and then every 30 minutes afterwards. Have I missed a setting?

The save and close thing with <Enter> adds the <enter> as well as closing the popup (which isn't what I'd expect.) So, with the previous entry being remembered, each one gets a new <enter> and consequently gets longer over time unless I do something else to stop it.

A corollary to that last bit: the new popup appears with the existing text selected, so to avoid blanking it I have to hit cursor down to clear the selection before hitting <Enter> or I've deleted the text I wanted to keep. I think I can think of situations where that might be preferred behaviour, but as previous entry data doesn't get kept if I've shut my laptop down, gone somewhere else and started it up again, I'm not sure it would ever be important. To me. So, should that (the selection of the text from the previous entry in the current entry, that is) be optional?


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