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A Chance to Brag/Explain - What is DonationCoder and What Are You Doing Here?

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Hi Everyone,

To those who don't know me, I'm Clif Sipe aka Clif Notes, owner/author of and currently one of the Sr. Editors at Hopefully some of you old-timers here still remember me though.

My task this week, (yes, I have a boss even online) is to write up a review of DonationCoder. Do you realize what a daunting task that is? Maybe you can help me out ... (please?)

I'd like you to reply back with your ideas on DC's purpose and it's features, as you see it, and maybe some details on why you keep coming back for more. Just keep in mind that I might quote some of what you say. I'll be sure to give credits to all sources.

Best wishes to you all,


This may say it all..

Me: "Mum I found a great new programme today - guess where?"

Mum: (who doesn't use a PC)  "Donation Coder!"


Simply put, is a place where coders of all kind (programmers, developers, script masters, etc.) can meet in one place, receive input, critical feedback, be challenged in various coding contests, and even make a little money off their efforts. And then there are guys like me who like hanging out with these people and discussing all things software with them!

I'm here because nothing in tech is off limits. Whether it's operating systems, social networking issues, security topics, open source discussions, it's all on the table in a respectful way. That's a rare gem among forums these days.

I hang around here even though I am not a coder because I love to test and use productivity enhancing software like FARR.

The community here is level-headed, friendly and polite. The best thing about this place is that folks actually create software programs for you for free! You got an idea? Just post it here and usually it will be done.

About this time 2 years ago I wrote a blog post, promoting NANY 2008, that summed up my thoughts and feelings about what this site is all about:

My thoughts and feelings have not changed, except that I would have to add that there are a number of people here that I communicate with every day, and they have become more than mere friends...they are family to me.

And one of my most precious possessions came from this site: The very first dollar I ever earned as a coder. It's framed and hangs on my wall, above my desk, signed by mouser.  :-* That was a major milestone for me and a dream come true, and I don't think I would have reached it, had it not been for this site.

I am a woman of little means and I have struggled for just about everything that I have.

When I found this site I was on dialup. When I couldn't afford the money to buy a router so I could upgrade to DSL, it would have been a lot longer if I had to scratch and save till I could purchase one and order the DSL. A few members of this site chipped in and covered the cost so I wouldn't have to wait.

When my good computer died and I was stuck using a twelve year old slow hunk of junk, a few members chipped in and bought me a motherboard to try to get it running again.

When a cheap low quality web host completely trashed all of my websites with their stupidity, a member stepped forward and demanded that I allow him to host them on his dedicated server...for free. I offered to pay him at least the same amount I was paying for the cheap host, but he sent the money back to me and said he couldn't take it.

When he could no longer host my sites, mouser offered to host them on the DC member server...for free.

I don't know what I would do without this community and the caring people that it is made up of. I certainly would be a whole lot poorer without it, and I am not referring  to money or the things it can buy.


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