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A Chance to Brag/Explain - What is DonationCoder and What Are You Doing Here?

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the general consensus seems to be the sense of community and camaraderie, but you might also see the 'what other people are saying page for some further material...

In the education field, there is a concept of "pull-up," where younger kids are quick to learn what the older kids around them know.
I am not a coder, but when I come to Donation Coder, I feel "pulled up," able to stretch my vision of software and what is possible.
I had an idea, a wish, if you will, for an app that would tell me when my overloaded XP machine was finally finished loading and able to work; Skrommel wrote it for me in about an hour. IdleRun.
Every time I peruse donationcoder I find a new jewel that also seems made just for me. LacunaLauncher allows me to break up and order Start-up items...on and on. Oh, and the only PC users who can do without FARR are those who don't yet know about it.
So I guess you could say that what I like about donationcoder is that it makes me smarter!


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