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Tutorials Now Available for Signing Up, Donating, Entering License Key

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I've uploaded a series of flash tutorial movies for people who need some help doing the following:

* signing up at the forum
* donating and activating your charter membership
* entering a license key into a program


Hey mouser.   Were these help videos made with BB Flashback?  I was thinking about taking advantage of the discount for that software and was just wondering.  Thanks :)

yep, made with bb flashback.
ps. see our review of screencasting tools here:

edited by mouser:
vambarani - i think you might have misunderstood the instructions about how to use your license key  :)
feel free to email me for more help ([email protected]) or post a specific question.

user name: vambarani

6-Month Renewable License Key for Desktop Coral (copy and paste into the application):


Instructions for using this license key:

Select and copy (Ctrl+C) the license text above.
Open your program's About box (from menu choose Help->About).
Click the "Enter New License Key" button.
Paste this text it into the application and Click "Accept."
You can check or change your license status at any time from this About box.
If you have any trouble with using this license key please post your question on the license key help section of our forum, or contact us by email ([email protected]).
--- End quote ---

:'( :'( :'( :mad:im just tooooo stupid to use this . i should not be a member here. i need to withdraw from it.


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