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Complaint: FeedDemon is now adware, but does not disclose it

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Nick Bradbury addressed the issue of v2 license holders receiving upgrade discounts in the comments section of the blog posting about v4. The answer is essentially that they are unable to offer us discounts. So, if you have a v1 or a v2 Pro license for FeedDemom you'll have to upgrade at full-price. I think I'll probably just stick with v.3...
-Darwin (December 01, 2010, 12:25 PM)
--- End quote ---

Well, you can try but V.3 has been broken a number of times due to Google changing their Reader configuration and Nick has had to release fixes to keep up with it. Won't be seeing those fixes anymore.


Ouch! I haven't had any problems with FeedDemon 3, but I'll watch for that, Jim.

Jibz - I was struck by the choice of wording as well: "unable"?! I think unwilling or uninterested would have been more accurate!

OK - the fog is clearing... I hadn't realized that Newsgator and Nick Bradbury (Feeddemon's developer) had parted ways. In this post to his blog from a couple of days ago, Nick explains why he is charging for Feeddemon again.

I find myself quite sympathetic. Do I wish he'd offer a discount of some sort to license holders of v.2? Of course, but I can see why he isn't.


I agree with most of your post - except I don’t see as clearly as you why he can't/won't offer a discount to those who purchased the last version of FeedDemon that was a paid version, V.2.



Reading his post (and between the lines) I'd say he's reached the point where he needs the money. In the post he says he was let go by Newsgator a year or more ago and has been trying to get by on the revenue that the ads in v.3 bring in while working on v.4. I'm inferring that he's no longer able to do this and probalby needs to start generating some revenue. It sounds like he has two school-aged kids and all that implies (mortgage, car payments, medical bills, etc.) with Christmas two weeks away...

I may be reading more into than necessary, though!


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