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Windows Security Essentials

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It was mostly the firewall and other suite features that swayed me back to buy another year of Eset's service.  Of course I am on WinXP still.  If I were on Win7 or even Vista things might have been different....-steeladept (November 25, 2010, 10:36 PM)
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XP firewall is just fine - you only need to block incoming threats, which it does perfectly well. No need to use anything else, really.

You might need to know about ESET uninstaller :)

But do evaluate beta of MSE 2 They have added more features but main difference is it seems to work much faster. If you or your task manager have any sense of cpu usage there is a risk your test of MSE 1 will be over in a flash. Many say MSE is the lightest and best ever, check almost any forum or even google, but I think that tells more about the crap some people used before than about MSE. MSE 2 is also not a rocket but more in sync with std. of current AVs.

If you are hysteric with scan times be sure you know settings, like dif. between all files and relevant files. I don't remember defaults but MSE is probably set up to scan everything, all files, all archives = long scan time. Now it has some sort of caching feature so it should not matter that much, except for initial scan. That is the theory but when I say beta is noticeable faster I mainly think of real time modules or what matters. Use exception options if speed is unacceptable, not much point in scanning 1TB of movies more than once for example.

Think it will be released early 2011. Microsoft has a forum for MSE but you wont see official reps. or new insights into anything, just MSVPs stumbling over each over to make answers "marked" as correct, heh. Worst forum feature! since you want to check things out before installing I guess you should say hello. General attitude is you use Microsoft products after the book. You do not need and should not use evil 3rd party programs :) If you have other security programs you like to use with MSE check info from them, not MS.

Defaults are still adjusted to grandma so most is automated. Version 2 is also better with fine tuning of what is scanned and how.

I'm using the beta too. Sorry for not mentioning.

Thanks all for your comments. All are very helpful.

I'll give the beta a try on one box and see how it goes.  :)


I'm SERIOUSLY tempted to try the beta of MSE 2 on my main notebook. The resource hogging issue has returned and I really don't care about the firewall (though the one the comes with VIPRE is good)... sad fact is that I'm the result of the union of two lineages: one Yorkshire/Darbyshire and the other Scottish/Northumberland and I keep thinking about the 15 months left on my household license for VIPRE  :o


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