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Does MSE allow me to NOT schedule scans and instead scan manually periodically?
-J-Mac (November 25, 2010, 01:09 PM)
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I've got MSE on my Win7 Toshiba netbook, and I've been pleased with it.  Since I rarely have any malware on my computer, I can't say much about MSE's ability to detect bad stuff.  However, I can tell you that MSE does allow you to not schedule scans and instead manually scan when you want to.  That's what I do on the netbook.

Thank you! That is important to me as I have three internal drives - 1-80GB and 2-500 GB - plus two external drives - 1-1TB and 1-340GB - so a full scan is literally days! However since I started clean and have had NOD32 actively scanning ever since the box is clean.

Well, what I probably will do is replace NOD32 with Microsoft Security Essentials on one machine and see how it works out. If it does well then I will load it on the others as the Eset licenses expire. Five licenses gets kinda pricey!



I went through the same issues early this past summer.  I ended up going back to Eset mostly because I use the entire security suite and I don't trust the windows firewall (I know I could get my own elsewhere for free, but it is much easier this way).  If I were going JUST the AV, I would have probably went with MSE.  It was mostly the firewall and other suite features that swayed me back to buy another year of Eset's service.  Of course I am on WinXP still.  If I were on Win7 or even Vista things might have been different....

Thanks Steel. Yes, just the AV for me. I don’t have any problem using the Windows Firewall, plus I am behind a router with SPI so I'm OK there. I really have to at least give it a try, but I did want to see if any actual users of MSE here had any hard issues with it. Sounds like it might work out for me.

Thanks again!


When my NOD32 license finished, I didn't renew it and went for MSE. It found 1 "threat" NOD never found... :) That said, I didn't really inquire to find out if the catch was relevant or not...

It's a bit slower than NOD32 when scanning, and the CPU goes wild once in a rare while (when syncing my Outlook calendar with Google). All in all, I find that it works well and I'm very very satisfied. No system instability and weird stuff.

(As for the firewall, I'm now using Comodo -- was with Online Armour and had to drop it only a few weeks or a couple months after renewing my license : was experiencing freezes etc. All that went away with Comodo. When I'm working in a Café with my laptop, I feel more secure using a good firewall...)


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