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alternative to filehamster?

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What's a good alternative to filehamster?
it crashed on my windows server 2008 64 machine, and it was a tad too pushy to get the pro version anyway...

did you see this thread ?
AJC Active Backup ---- at Bits du Jour

work your way down from this post
Re: MOGware's FileHamster (Complaint)
but hey I see you posted there :)

did you see this thread ?
AJC Active Backup ---- at Bits du Jour
-tomos (September 07, 2009, 02:53 PM)
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AJC Active Backup is certainly not as memory hungry as FileHamster (and snappier too), but if you read the AJC forum, a new beta version is about to be released, and it's written in .Net now, just like FH. I fear the worst!

The good thing about FH is that it stores each backup file as a physical file, with a timestamp, so restoring is a breeze. AJC uses a proprietary file format, so you need the (free, separate) viewer app to extract files from the compressed backup files. That said, I took the BdJ offer and have switched to AJC, since the memory footprint of FileHamster is quite obscene, and it has a few other quirks I wasn't happy about. I don't expect to be upgrading when AJC switches to .Net though  :-\

JP Software (makers of 4NT/Take Command) have a product call Cascade Point that is a a similar automatic backup that saves file revisions.  I haven't used it, so I'mm not sure how well it works, but may be worth a try:

but if you read the AJC forum
-tranglos (September 07, 2009, 07:42 PM)
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Do you have pointer to the AJC forum?  It doesn't appear to have a link from their website.


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