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Anyone else having problems sending money through PayPal????
I don't have a problem sending money if its an EBAY purchase but if
I go to send money with someones email address I get a message
saying that I can only send money to family and friends.
This keeps happening ane it never did this before.
When I put in my brother's email address I have no problem.
I'm waiting to see what PayPal has to say about this.

Carol Haynes:
How does PayPal know who are your family and friends? Can't you simply say the person you are paying is a friend?

I just received some money from another PayPal user (without paying any transaction charges) but I guess the other person has a registered business account and maybe that makes a difference. I am also based in the UK and rules seem to vary depending on where you live.

I don't see an option when I go to send money to say that its family or friends.
This doesn't make sense. My email address doesn't have my first or last name in
it but my brother's does so its letting me send money to him.
Somethings wrong with PayPal. I'm curious if I'm going to have a problem
now if I try and give someone some donation credits.

last i used it, there was a tab you could click when you were to select the reason -- it was the second tab that had family/gift.

I don't see that option.


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