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DONE: Right Click any file and create New Folder by its Name

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Hi Everyone :) I just want to say I am a massive fan of this app. I have used it for years now, working well on Win11, I always need to organise a lot of media, and this is always the first tool i use. I've searched high and low, and I cannot find any other software that achieves what I want so quickly and easily.

I am a little saddened to see the last update was many years ago, with Win11's stupid new smaller right-click context menu, this app is consigned to the "more options"  :( :(
Wouldn't it nice to have this working on the new context menu, one can only dream  :Thmbsup:

Anyway, now that I found the author and this site, i'll chuck them a handy 20 dollarydoos  :D

Have a great day

with Win11's stupid new smaller right-click context menu, this app is consigned to the "more options"-jbro (July 19, 2023, 07:05 AM)
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Registry edit @

"You have to make sure to Log Off Windows and then Log On again and it will work. I just tried it. The key is logging OUT of Windows and then logging IN."


I've got the same problem as noted by Cinematic6436, above. The difference is, I'm running Windows 11. A fresh install of Win 11 was done on a new machine in May of 2022. files2folder ran fine until about April or May of 2023, then suddenly stopped working. I assumed a Windows Update killed it. I re-installed, several times, nothing seems to help. I tried the Registry action listed above. Only found TWO instances of files2folder in the Registry, but I deleted them both. End result?  Still have the same problem, with the same error message. BUT, I did manage to kill ALL internet access in the process! I've done MANY Registry edits in the past without problems, but who knows...Windows is a strange, unforgiving beast. Anyway, a Restore from a Back-Up-Point solved the problem.

So, any chance the author could "fine-tune" the program to make it work like it used to? I'd gladly donate, if it can be made to work again....

Well, Windows 11 presented another problem (for me) which was un-fixable by all the "standard" means quoted on the web. So, I resorted to the re-installation of Windows/Retain all your files method to try and solve the issue. I THINK it may have fixed my new problem, but just for giggles I tried the Files2Folder  program again, and lo and behold, it now WORKS! No bets on how long it will stay working, but time will tell. FWIW - During the period that F2F did NOT work, I continued to search for a replacement. I found one, it works (although a bit slower, but it seems to be currently/actively supported. So, I'm now using THAT one. I won't mention it's name here, as that seems inappropriate to me. But, I WILL give a clue: same name only singular, via Google search. Good luck, if anyone cares. If not, c'est la vie! I still think this one (on this site) is a GREAT program, as long as  it continues working. Would still like to see it updated to more modern versions of Windows.

Good luck, if anyone cares. ... Would still like to see it updated to more modern versions of Windows.
-kingguz (March 14, 2024, 02:31 AM)
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Hello & good day @kingguz! Please feel free to check the "Folderize" coding snack thread:

* Folderize - Right-click to create folders with matching names or group (v0.1.0)
Folderize is supported, so feel free to request changes/improvements/fixes.

(BTW If it helps a fellow, it's an important scenario for sure :))



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