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DONE: Right Click any file and create New Folder by its Name

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Dear Intelligent Friends (Atleast Surely intelligent than me because you can program and I cannot)

Can anyone make something so that when a user rightclicks any file he should get an option to create folder by the file's name excluding extension and move that file in the folder after creating the folder...

If an option given to move the no. of files then better and option to remove the hashes and any other special character while creating the folder from the file's name then better as well....

Like in the attachment there are two files selected and if right clicked a single folder should get created by the name and the two files should be moved inside the folder after creation of the folder.

I have the basics of this done but I need a name for it (and its corresponding context menu entry).  Cranioscopical!  What sayeth thou!   :P

You can name it anything according to the context, lets say "File Name Folder Creator" and the context entry can be "Create Folder on File Name..."

File to Folder
is that too short?

Cranioscopical!  What sayeth thou!
-skwire (September 02, 2009, 07:17 AM)
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'FiFo' springs to mind, but I bet there exist plenty of those already.
Free Fi Fo Fum is too gigantic  ;)

Tomos' idea sounds good to me.


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