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Show us a photo of your mutt or other creatures..

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CleverCat,  It is never easy, they stick in our hearts and give us unforgettable moments.

The love you have for her will never leave, and she is lucky to have had such a great life :)

Here's to hoping she has a full year of happiness ahead of her! She seems like a fighter!

Sorry to hear that :(

Hey Clever Cat...

Some good-byes are harder than others. As is doing the right thing.

It's a responsibility we accept when we bring a dog or cat into our lives.

I'm sure you'll do what's best for her when and if a decision is called for.

I'm sure she knows you will too.

I am really so sorry to hear about your puppy Clever Cat if you want i can draw a picture of her for you from me and stephen x

Thanks for all your sympathies and kind words! :-*

Hally, Mum and I would love a drawing - thank you....


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