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Show us a photo of your mutt or other creatures..

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Don't get any funny ideas about posting a pic of your wife or husband, i'm talking about pets!

Let's see some pictures of the wildlife pals of DonationCoder members!

My cat, Saffron:

My cat, Saffron: (see attachment in previous post)
-mouser (July 09, 2009, 10:14 AM)
--- End quote ---

hah, it looks like you - well . . like your avatar :)

HRH Sparky a few days back.

This Sheena, our other kid.  Spoiled rotten.  We were out driving by the lake one day about 5 years back, and I saw a guy kick her.  Not kick at her, but kick her.  I put the minivan in reverse, got out the crowbar, and offered the guy $25 (all I had in my wallet) or the crowbar.  He took the $25.  She had been never in a house, always chained to a doghouse, open sores on her, fleas, thin and beaten.  Took us over an hour to get her in the van, then 2 days and a lot of cheese to get her to leave the kitchen.  Most intelligent canine I have ever met. We love her, plain and simple.

Black and white kitty is David Hasselhoff, next is the mischievous Mr. Sebastien Ferret, Frik and Frak, our Cockatiels, and last but not least is Chuck Norris (A.K.A Ghost)  Can you tell my 15 year old daughter named the cats?


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