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It's been a bad month.

We lost two dogs. Both were "rescue" beagles we had adopted from humane organizations.

Daisy was 10. Two weeks ago we came home, had a normal dinner, and then were dismayed to see her suddenly start having convulsions. The vets did what they could, but various tests determined it was most likely an undetected brain tumor she was suffering from. She never regained consciousness. She passed away shortly after midnight five hours later.

Friday lived 16 long years, 15 of them very active, until he was diagnosed with Cushings's Disease early this year. Medication seemed to help out greatly at first. But the last two months were a descending spiral. Yesterday, he apparently had enough, and decided to see where the next step in the great journey would take him.

Farewell you two! You will both be missed.

Daisy 2001-2011

Friday 1996-2011

Sorry to hear, 40, good friends like these are always dearly missed :(

I'm sorry about your dogs, 40hz. :(

I am so sorry for your loss.. Those dogs were so lucky to have lived such a full life with family who loved them.

So sorry about your loss  :( :( :(


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