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Please I need help with blowssi/mircrytpion: 3 problems

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I'm running I'm running: Linux Debian /lenny2 OpenSSL/0.9.8g

1. KEY WITH SPACES: What is the proper way to /blowkey #channel if the key has spaces in it?
Doing this /blowkey #channel i am the key , sets key to: i
Doing this: /blowkey #channel 'i am the key' , sets key to: 'i etc.
I finally just edited the blowssi.conf and put that key in myself- works.

2. NOT DECRYPTING ALL USERS: I can't read all users.. they just aren't decrypted (they can read me).. and for those that I can't read they have before their text: mcps.. if that matters?. Where I have before my text in non cbc key channels: ebc, and in cbc key channels: cbc
example (channel not using cbc: in their key):
<Me{ecb}> testing
<@User1> mcps 47mZ81W/Ra9/NtcTzL0898.Z1KX1.4ItNZ0AOzp9/nsngD.XvAGK0
<@User1> mcps qw/3z./Bl.
<@User1> mcps v.K971Ojq9Wgl606IUzj0it1lL1Bqx3R1oSh39/zXK.JHpOW/
<Me{ecb}> I can't read you
<User2{ecb}> test

3. AUTOLOAD: What is the proper way to have it autoload/or accessible for all users?
I have installed irssi system wide (as root). According to the README to have blowssi autoload:
pico /root/.irssi/startup (this is where it is for me)
/load ~/.irssi/scripts/

When I start irssi up as a user it didn't autoload.
So then I:
cp /root/blowssi-0.0.2/ /usr/share/irssi/scripts/
mkdir /usr/share/irssi/scripts/autorun
ln -s /usr/share/irssi/scripts/ /usr/share/irssi/scripts/autorun/
Still didn't autoload.
I issue the cmd as user: /load ~/.irssi/scripts/
get error the file not in my home dir. So finally I just set it up in my home dir:
mkdir /home/me/.irssi/scripts
mkdir /home/me/.irssi/scripts/autorun
cp /root/blowssi-0.0.2/ /home/me/.irssi/scripts/
ln -s /home/me/.irssi/scripts/ /home/me/.irssi/scripts/autorun/
Still didnt auto load, but it did accept the cmd: /load ~/.irssi/scripts/

Thank you! :D

PS. I'm pretty sure I've installed all that is needed: dpkg -l
For perl
perl 5.10.0-19 Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language
perl-base 5.10.0-19 minimal Perl system
perl-doc 5.10.0-19 Perl documentation
perl-modules 5.10.0-19 Core Perl modules

For Crypt::ircBlowfish
libcrypt-cbc-perl 2.29-1 Implementation of cipher block chaining (CBC) mode
libcrypt-blowfish-perl 2.10-1+b1 Blowfish cryptography for Perl

For Crypt::CBC
libcrypt-blowfish-perl  2.10-1+b1 Blowfish cryptography for Perl
libcrypt-cbc-perl 2.29-1 Implementation of cipher block chaining (CBC) mode

For MIME:Base64
libmime-types-perl 1.24- Perl extension for determining MIME types and Transfer Encoding
perl-modules 5.10.0-19 Core Perl modules

This will be very confusing because we have to deal with so many issues at once...

Regarding system-wide autoload: I assume irrsi does not always work the way documentation says, even if you happen to find documentation.

And it is important to actually quote the whole complete error message and not the user's interpretation of same.

1+2 sound like minor bugs in the plugin and should be easy to fix.

Thank you housetier & mouser for the replies.
Ok then lets just solve issue "2. NOT DECRYPTING ALL USERS:" since the others I have found a workaround for.

There were no error msg's that I could see to paste for that, just what I saw in my window.
Is there a place to look on server for any error msgs?

Thank you :)

First of all, blowssi needs lots of polishing yet. That's why the version number starts with a zero, followed by a dot, and ... another zero! :D One of these days I'm going to have to spend a day fixing the ever growing list of bugs,.... soon(tm). ;)

1) just a minor bug in the command handler. Setting it manually in the config file is the best way for now.
2) Firstly, know that there's a known bug in irssi not ENCRYPTING /me actions etc... What you're running into is something I haven't seen before yet. What software was the other end using? Curious that they all start with mcps.. normally stuff is prefixed with +OK unless there's something else I'm not aware of.
3) The irssi man page only mentions ~/.irssi - a configuration/script folder for every user. It makes no mention of a system wide configuration...


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