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DONE: Automatic Copy when highlighted

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Skrommel and others,

I really like the icon that True-X Mouse Gizmo has (sort of a visual feedback), or like what Adobe Acrobat reader uses. Any possibility?

What do the others think?

Thanks always!

DragKing is a good tool, I love it a lot! But can you reduce the resource usage of DragKing? It has taken about 4M of the memory, it's consider a high resource usage for a small and simple program. :(


skrommel thank you very much for this marvelous script!

some suggestions:

the script's intention is to autocopy selected text to clipboard, in other words to enable us to copy/paste without using keyboard

what should trigger it (all the ways to select text):
1) Left Mouse Button Drag to select characters
2) Double, triple etc Click (to select one word, one sentence or line, one paragraph, etc)
3) double click to select a word and the drag to select more words
4) ctrl+a to select all text
5) select by single clicking on the "line numbers" area (a feature in most text editors and word processors)

where it should store the data:
it should NOT store the selected text into the default winxp clipboard, but in an internal variable of the program, so that we wont loose the data of the default winxp clipboard
the default winxp clipboard that contains the data that is copied by the default ways (ctrl+c, copy shortcuts etc) must NOT be altered
it should manage each selection of text in a indentical memory slot (slot 1,2,3,etc)

how it should paste the data:
it should have an easy way to paste the text
this must NOT be ctrl+v or any of the default paste ways, but it must be an identical paste way (eg ctrl+1,2,3 for each memory slot), because these default paste ways must work ONLY with the default clipboard (and as I said before the default clipboard must NOT be altered)
then, we should determine an easy way to paste the text of the memory slot we need

we should be albe to customize:
the delay after copy occurs (there is a delay after finishing of selection and before the tooltip appears)
the display of words, letters, etc is useless imo, the actual text should be displayed in the tooltip/trayballoon
we also would like to customize the time and place that the tooltip/trayballoon appears

how do you make it not to interfere in ALL double clicks, but only in the SPECIFIC double clicks that occur over (editable or not) text? eg script should detect if the control we have the mouse on has editable or copiable text and then work, existence or carets or IBeams, existence and focus of forms, etc
what is the event that signals the end or selecting procedure and then triggers the copy of the selection? eg the release or the button after dragging? what about double clicks? how are distinguished from double clicks with no intention to select text?

to prevent adding text to a clipboard slot that we dont have the intention to add:
when we select text and then we click PASTE (while having selected text), in 100% of the cases we want to replace the selected text with the clipboard content
so in that occasion:
1) either the script should not store the selected text into a clipboard slot
the script should recognize if after the selection we click "paste"
then it should delete the previously saved slot (that contains the text we want to replace) or simply somehow (?) not adding it

2) or the script should store it in the clipboard slot #2 (not the first one that is the first in line) so that it wont interfere much to the clipboard slots hierarchy

3) or the script should paste the just previously saved text and not the currently selected text (the text we want to replace), when we have some text currently selected on the focused edit control (if no text is selected when we hit PASTE, it should just paste the text of clipboard slot #1)

this, imo, will prevent 90% of the circumstances that we add to the clipboard unwanted text
other occasions are, either when we select text accidentaly, or for any other reason apart from the reason that we want to store it in a clipboard slot, for example, when we highlight the text in order to make it more visible, by increasing its contrast with the background
in these cases, I cant find any other feature to prevent unwanted clipboard entries, atm
I should use the script more to be able to identify other occasions that unwanted text has been added to clipboard and how to prevent it, but for now, I think the 90% of these occasions is when we replace text by selecting it and pasting the clipboard text

one solution would be to must drag or middle click the selected text in order to add it to the clipboard, however I dont know if it can be implemented, but it would be nice, since it will preserve the only-mouse usage of the script without making it loose much of its ease

to have an easy way to choose and paste the text of each clipboard slot we need each time:

one solution would be a drop down menu (below the cursor) to select the entries we need
another imo very handy solution, would be clicking multiple times the PASTE hotkey to cycle/toggle through clipboard entries

eg, clicking CTRL+h should paste the text of clipboard slot #1, then having clicked the CTRL and clicking one more time the 'h' should replace the previously pasted text with the text of clipboard slot #2 and so on

in case we want to paste the text of clipboard slot #1 many times, we must have to release the CTRL button and then click again the hotkey CTRL+h
in case we want to paste the text of clipboard slot that we pasted last (and that its not #1), we will do it more easily if, when by having CTRL clicked, we cycle through clipboard slots and we find the one that we need and paste it, this slot should become #1 (the last usage of a specific slot should make it #1)

all the above solutions could work together and create a powerful copy/paste script that will save numerous clicks and time

PS: instead of using a hotkey to paste (CTRL+h or CTRL+v or whatever) if the scripts pastes by rightclicking or middle clicking it would be much more handy imo (and with these clicks it should cycle through clipboard slots as well)
the mouse clicks should work when an edit control is focused and when there a blinking caret exists

please refer to this post as well



Skrommel sometimes takes breaks, but i'm sure he'll be back to read this carefully.


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