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DONE: Automatic Copy when highlighted

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I love this tool, but adding the ability to ignore certain text would be great.
In settings "Characters to ignore"  I added  a - sign so that whenever I highlight text it will ignore the minus sign.  I entered the - (minus sign) next to  "newlinecarridgereturn" but whenever I highlight text the minus sign is still copied. Is this possible to do, or am I doing something wrong?

Also, kalos had some good ideas in his/her post. cheers, D

any update please?

any update please?

i think ICQ Client starts this copy2clipboard at selection, trillian copied it.
i wanted to write it by myself - now i found it here ;-)

by the way:
if u try out shareware/suspect software use sandboxie. download it at (245KByte + free) - this lil program will save you many
times believe me - ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE.

if it is demanded i may create a tutorial what u can do with it (real amazing,
i am using it 4 long time now). For example: if u have a game that dont like run
with daemon tools... start the uninstaller of daemon tools sandboxed. then install
game in sandbox - ready to run! and no changes are made to the system. Or u want
to try a new update for firefox browser. just start browser sandboxed apply online
update and see if it works well - if not, just 1 click to clean the sandbox. if u register
sandboxie u can make many sandboxies (they are not deleted at Windows restart).

keep  :) Alex

thanks for the info

indeed some programs like mIRC have integrated copy-on-select feature

I found autohotkey scripts to be more buggy and clumsy than autoit scripts:
this is an attempt to do it with autoit


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