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VueMinder calendar at 50% discount - Bits du Jour

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This is a very impressive calendar program for those who are interested - the discount is being featured on July 1 (Wed.).

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Truly nice to work with.  Esthetically A+.

Question .. there is a "custom" boolean choosing of e.g. this calendar and this calendar together.  One of the main features  I want in a calendar, allowing for easy layering in various ways.

However I do not see that you can save and name the "Custom" element, it looks like you have to regen it each time, limiting the use a lot.  Am I right in how I see this ? 

The task list is more a lead-in to the calendar than anything else, which is ok, this is meant for calendar and reminder with visual clues everywhere. (Color-coding is nice.)  Surprised that there is not a "priority", however there is enough layering and esthetic usage (nice in a calendar, you want to enjoy looking at it, as you think of all the things you may or may not do) that I can design what I want that way.

My "custom" concern stands.  It sort of limits the purpose if you can't save the grouping and re-get at it quickly later.  The boolean aspect is very nice, adding to the feature discordance.  I would be tempted to buy this anyway, for the many niceties.  Thinking in the next hour and a half.

Steven Avery

Hi Steven,

I'm Dan Chartrand from VueSoft, developer of VueMinder Calendar.  Sorry for the delayed response to this thread.  I wasn't aware of your post until just a few minutes ago. 

Regarding the ability to define a custom grouping of calendars, this is a feature we're planning on implementing in the near future. In the meantime, you can combine calendars within the same layer by individually checking or unchecking the calendars you'd like to display or hide.  I understand if you have a large number of calendars and want to quickly switch between having one group displayed and then a different group, this could be cumbersome - which is why we're working on improving it!  :)

We're also working on improving the task list, adding the ability to categorize tasks and view them within the calendar.  The task list improvements are currently in test, along with a bunch of other enhancements, and will be in the next release.

I'm glad to hear you enjoy the esthetics of the program. We've tried to balance an attractive and customizable interface with one that is traditional enough to be instantly familar to new users (notice there's no ribbon bar?).  It's a fine line, so when I see feedback like your's, it helps confirm we struck the right balance. 

If you have any other feedback or suggestions, please let me know.  We're very receptive to user feedback.  Thanks!

Dan Chartrand

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Thanks for the response, Dan.  I think I sent you an email too.  However we can continue here just as well, and I see you have a webforum with moderate activity.  Important, close to a necessity in the utility easy-use software world.

This is one of the few programs that I have on a 30-day trial that I won't mind if it expires, as I will be thinking of a purchase, especially if you just enhance that one feature and/or we run into the next discount (e.g. a DonationCoder discount would be nice, a suggestion for consideration). 

I'll try to work with VueSoft a little, if I need an extension I'll give you a holla, and then I'll give you a bit more feedback. 

A good calendar (and alarm) program is a real need, even if it doesn't have the ToDo list as some super-function (the long-term goal).  I'm playing with Rainlendar, Kirby and yours, and will probably settle on two of the three, all have their pluses. 

It is true that esthetics on a calendar is important (where you really lead the pack).  Boy, is the calendar on my Samsung cell phone ugly !  And hard to work with !

More laters.

Steven Avery

I recently gave a trial to Vueminder Calendar. It's pretty, certainly, and loaded with features, but it fell down for me in two areas.

1. It doesn't support categories - you need to build a separate calendar for each category (as with Google Calendar). I find this is a clumsy way to work. But each to their own.

2. More seriously, although the program claims to share iCalendar (.ics) files with other calendars/users, it is not "sharing" in the accepted sense -- instead it is "importing" the existing ics file each time, then creating its own calendar, and then exporting the file back to ics again, deleting the categories (if they exist) and completely overwriting the original ics. That was a surprise to me.

At the moment, I share a single ics file between Rainlendar, Lightning and Google Calender, and all three play nicely with each other, as they should. Vueminder is not suitable for such a setup.

I have raised this issue with the developer in the Vueminder forums, and he said he would address the issue in a future update.

I would recommend Rainlendar, based on my experience. It is my hub, managing the ics file it shares with Lightning and Google (that's my "events" calendar). Then I also have a separate ToDo calendar in Rainlendar, which it syncs with Remember the Milk and Lightning. It all works seamlessly.


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