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Free Total Commander licences

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I'm putting the finishing touches on my review for submission to hopefully secure myself a free license to TC.

I only hope the forum can handle it. I kind of went a little crazy with review length and number of images to include. Hope I don't 'break' Mouser's web host. ;)

We'll see what it is all about :)

Well, the forum didn't break.  :D

Here's the (not-so-)mini-review:

Here's hoping I get me a free license.  :Thmbsup:

Contest is now officially closed.

I will send notification PMs to winners ASAP.

P.S. I will publish the list of the winners after receiving all confirmations.

Welcome everyone.

Below you will find the list of the confirmed winners:

* cranioscopical
* dev/null - "picked" by tranglos
* Innuendo
* Jibz
* Paul Keith
* r0bertdenir0
* skwire
* Steven Avery
* Target
* tomos - "Run For It" event
I'd like to say "thank you" to all mentioned people. Your efforts in making DC a better place allowed you to gain such excellent prize.

I hope all of you will find TC the best tool for your every day PC usage.

I will sent your details to Christian Ghisler as soon as missing people will appear. After that, he should contact with you to discuss delivery.

Please, be patient.


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