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Free Total Commander licences

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Lucky me, thank you very much!

Congrats to the winners! The best file manager by far!! Also a big thanks to fenixproductions for setting this up!

Oh man... I really love TC. Best software ever IMO. Even edging out FARR (sorry mouser). ;)

Yes, how happy am I...but I'm like a kid at Christmas waiting to unwrap my present. Hope those three other people show up soon. :)


After full week of waiting for all confirmations, I sent winners list to Total Commander author and it is up to him to contact with contestants now.

I hope everything will go well and I am sorry for delay.

No need for apologizing regarding something that was beyond your control. A person cannot rightly complain about the speed in which one is getting something free.

Thanks for organizing this, fenix, and sticking with it all the way through.


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