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BenuBird Pro is now freeware!

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Hello.  Whilst perusing the Bits du Jour site I came across an announcemnt in the Pulse section that Benubird Pro was being relaunched as BenuBird PDF and is now freeware.  Here is the link to the BenuBird site.   BenuBird Pro   

thanks herneith, BenuBird looks like a capable program. :up:

from the above linkTherefore, we’ve made some small changes to Benubird such as in-built PDF Preview, moveable repository/library and PDF metadata to file metadata syncing.  And whilst we work behind-the-scenes on bolting on an even greater range of PDF features and options, we’re making the current version freeware.

BTW — don’t worry, if you’re a paid-for-customer of the original Benubird Pro, we appreciate your support and we’re going to be offering you a free-upgrade to the commercial Benubird PDF Pro upon release.

Do not install this application because uninstalling might mess up your other pdf stuff on your machine. Also uninstalling forces for a restart which I hate.

I didn't have a problem when I uninstalled... nor did I have to restart.  So perhaps YMMV?


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