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BenuBird Pro is now freeware!

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If you have the space on your drive,
the pdfs could be copied to a new folder and use the copies to test it.

I downloaded it but haven't messed with it yet.
I do like the idea of it so far.

And you could still keep the other copies however you like.

do you just want to be able to find them in the OS and get a different view of them?  Or do you want to separate your document management from the OS completely?
--- End quote ---

This is something I haven't thought out completly.  If this makes sense... my initial thought was something similar to a table of contents in a book.  Or if you have ever cut or photocopied articles and placed them in a binder.  It would have different chapters (or tabs if a notebook) broken down into different topics.  ie (chap 1) laptop computers then link the appropriate (in this case) pdf file articles, (chap 2) DC forum postings, (Chap 3) lawn & garden, (chap 4) any other topic... and so on.  I see this as working if there aren't a lot of files or some files could be listed under multiple chapters.  Then more of an index would work better.  I would want this to reside on my pc or probably an external drive so the links would stay consistent.
Right now I have a combination of files in different folders with some written notes in another place of what they are.  It would be nice to have it all in one easy to locate place.  This may do it for me.

[edit] I'll try cmpm's suggestion.

A review from freewaregenius-


Thanks for the review link.

I know this is very outdated but, doany of you have a copy of benubird Pro 1.4? I lost mine when my pc crashed when it went free and now they don't have the Pro version anywhere just and it doesn't create a database file as the pro did. Very simple.


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