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March 2009 Fundraiser Wrap-up

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on average 21 dollar per donation is a very high amount! that really surprises me.

it shows, however, what a generous community we must be. Otherwise people would not feel compelled to donate to much (on average).

Wow so many new people donated, that is pretty cool.

And what happens next with the money?

im going to gamble it all in Las Vegas.

Ok in seriousness:

A good portion will be given from users to users in the form of donationcredits (remember every donation during the fundraiser is still deposited into the user's account for them to decide who to allocate to if they choose to; many don't).

Much will go into bank, and will be used to pay hosting costs and server administration costs, and other expenses over the coming year.  Some will get spent on some fun new member kit things i wanted to get to send out (bookmarks and stickers), to pay for upcoming event prizes (we spent about $1000 in January on NANY mugs and stuff).  Some will get eaten by taxes.

Because people don't always take the time to allocate their credits, i'll send some out to people on the site like mods who make this place better.  Some will go to help me pay my student loans!

We can watch over the course of the year to see what continuing donations look like, and based on that keep our eye open for anything we as a site would like to spend some of the money on, whether it be prizes for the next programming challenge, etc.


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