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March 2009 Fundraiser Wrap-up

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Ok I thought I would use this new thread to post some summary info about the fundraiser.
(for a more fun thread that discussed the fundraiser while it was in progress with lots of comments by everyone, see: here).

Note: I have family visiting currently which is why my posting has been a bit sporadic recently, so i'm going to post this info in several bite-sized junks.

So first some quick stats (these numbers are approximate):

* Total money donated: during the march fundraiser: $13,844.
* Total # of donations: About 659.
* Of the people donating during fundraiser, this percent had already donated in the past: 29% (189)
* Average donation: $21 (which is a higher than during non-fundraiser)

Some general forum stats for fundraiser and previous months:
March 2009 Fundraiser Wrap-up

What an excellent community effort, and how nice to see so many new donors!

 :up: :up:

What the heck happened in October '08?

What the heck happened in October '08?
--- End quote ---

i assume you are referring to the "Most Online" column.  This isn't a very useful column -- it simply tells you the most # of people who were ever online "at the same time" (within a small window).

so that giant number for october 08 reflects some post that was big on digg or something, and so suddenly got a lot of traffic on one day.


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