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IDEA: Clickless mouse (for web browsing)

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Help save me from boring phone conversations! Frequently, when enduring a boring phone conversation, I think to myself how much I would enjoy surfing the web and would do so were it not for the tell-tale clicks the other person would hear. My proposed solution: clickless browsing.

I would love a program that would send a mouse click every time I moved the mouse quickly from left to right and back again (or the reverse) and would scroll the active window when the mouse is touching either the top or the bottom of the screen. (For an example of the sort of side to side -> click idea that I am talking about, go to press the "click here" button and then navigate to "Explore" then "Button Lab" and then open the "gesture (1)" example)

Any help or further ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

You can get rid of the clicking sound the pc makes when you click links by shutting it off in Sounds.

Start>Settings?Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices

On the Sounds tab, locate "Start Navigation" under Windows Explorer. Select "None" from the dropdown at the bottom. Click Apply, OK, and you are done. No more clicking sound.  :)

Additionally, some mouse drivers have settings for automatic clicking, that will work not just in your browser, but everywhere in windows:

Also, if you are using Firefox, Opera, or K-Meleon, or another browser that supports it, you may be able to set some of what you want as mouse gestures.

app103 thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, I am referring to the sound my mouse physically makes when it is clicked (even if it were unplugged from the computer) and not the built in (and admittedly ridiculous) navigation click sound.

And in terms of existing gesture solutions that I have been able to find, they were all dependent a gesture button being held for them to work. That will not really suit my purposes as the person on the other end of the call would hear me pressing keys on the keyboard.

The evoluent mouse manager "auto click" feature would work to an extent, but my mouse does not support it so far as I can tell.


Try Skrommel's Mouse Activate.
Automatically activates a window or a control when the mouse hovers over it, or autoclick if the mouse is left in the same place for 1 second.

--- End quote ---

Now if we could only get Skrommel to make a Mouser Activate coding snack. That would be something!

Thank you Deozaan- this gets me 90% of the way there. I should have reviewed Skrommel's programs in more depth before posting. Thanks again.



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