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Outlook conversations get broken...



I'd like to share with you my experience with Outlook (2003) threads/conversation. Some time ago I started to work on my business email like this:

* i have a search folder called "Inbox & Sent", in whch I can see my inbox and sent items

* this is my default/initial folder, the first that I see opening outlook

* the email are orgainzed and grouped by "conversation" and sorted by date (desc)

* in this way I get, on top, current "open" conversations (the most recent ones) with mail sent and received on a specific subject

* when the subect in "closed" (no more actions to carry out), I move the whole conversation to the appropriate outlook folder.
The only glitch in this organization is that, often, non-outlook-client (like lotus notes) answers BRAKE the conversation, since the prepone a non-standard keywork (like "Ref: ") to the subject of replies. There are also some localized versions of the prefixes (in italian often "Re: " becomes "Ris: "...): this brakes the conversations as well.

So since a week ago I am strongly trying to find the way to "merge conversations", ie to force a message to belong to a specific conversation.

Before going on, I'd like to know if this matter is of some interest here, or it's only a problem of mine...



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