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The Best Free Software of 2009 by (App Launchers)

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If this subject has already been posted I appologize in advance, that I missed it.

Circle Dock has been chosen as the The Best Free Software of 2009 by  :Thmbsup:

1. Circle Dock
Who says a dock has to actually... dock? To the side of the screen, that is. Circle Dock brings up a spiraling launcher interface with all the icons you want to click. Rotate it with the wheel on your mouse and change the skin to suit your desktop.
--- End quote ---

And to Circle Dock's credit it is ranked higher than Stardock's Objectdock.   :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:

As Objectdock has been the leader for so long this is of incredible standing/significance.
Not to mention they are in the number 2 spot  :P

I run Circle Dock, Object dock, and Rocket Dock, but I am ready to discontinue use of the latter two.

I find it unfortunate that the Circle dock project has seemed to stall, at the moment, but my sincere hope is that it does not falter, and that these folks here, in development, can capitalize on the free advertising and support that has just been handed by PC Magazine.

To say I like this program is an understatement.

I am a graphic designer, It Administrator, digital presentation giver/developer, and CEO of a personal business.

I combine the unlimited navigation provided by Circle Dock in conjunction with 360 Desktop on my laptop. This highly compensates for a lack of 4 monitors, while I am out in the field, But circle dock is so good I have no conflict in use with three monitors + one large demonstration viewer at  my office.
Circle dock gets a lot of attention during my presentations, and I use it as an eye-getter. I will pre-program Circle dock with the necessary Folders, Icons, and dress prior to presentation, and I Have received numerous comments about its effectiveness to get attention and appear organized in presentation situations.
I Have not hesitated to recommended this product to my colleagues, friend, and anyone who has inquired.

It is my sincere hope to see this project grow.

Thanks to the program writers of this project for making me a better presenter, and more productive over all.

Not to mention that this dock is cool as all get out!


E. V. McKay
Magis Esse

Thank you so much for taking your time to write about your experiences and uses! I am sure it will be appreciated by the author. At the very least *I* appreciate it as a member of the donationcoder community.

Do you miss certain features in Circle Dock, or do you have issues that need resolving?

The only 2 issues I have, I consider minor;
1.) the ability to place shortcuts where I want in the order ( I will figure this out shortly, or when I have time to screw around)
2.) During start up, sometimes I will get my circle in the center and the shortcuts in the upper left hand corner. Easily fixed by center clicking twice.

I am currently working on several new design circles that I use for custom presentations.
For certain companies, it is nice to put their logo in the center of the circle, it gives the feel of proper presentation and a concern for the represented company, not to mention it wprks perfectly with my own business logo
It is so much faster and pleasing to have a semi-clear circle of necessaries pop up on screen, than to have to minimize everything and search the cluster on my desktop, or to have to activate the menu screen to find something.
For presentations, all I have to do is load the file, folders and Icons I need.

I guess and idea would be to have custom profiles. So that I can set up several presentations in advance and then open that profile with the appropriate icons, folders, and software on the fly.

I have always disliked the idea of having the Object dock or Rocket dock over run a presentation if I fly to the appropriate side of the display, but with Circle dock, it is there when I need it and where I want it.
Circle dock has allowed me to turn off the other docks as I do not want them popping up during a presentation.

I would not worry about CD's development halting, as not only is VideoInPicture (CD author) dedicated to what he does, but even if something were to happen, the source code is openly available for anyone knowing C#. :)

I agree with all the positive thoughts - I don't currently run Circle Dock, and I have purchased ObjectDock Plus, but looking back I probably used CD more than ODP. It's just much easier to setup, and like you said, doesn't get in the way when moving to the side of the screen (important for gamers like me).

EDIT: Oh, and welcome to the forum! :D

Thanks for the welcome.

I had Object Dock Plus and could not get it to operate correctly.
Kept hanging on FireFox, Thunderbird, and other program launches.
Of all things I wanted in object dock was the tabbing capability.
I love the tabbing drawer option of Object dock and the ability only to display when I click on it.
And the fact that I can have it take up as wide as a space, or as little, just to keep it handy.
This also worked in my presentations, but never got the "WoW" of CD.

After struggling with these folks on the phone for several hours, I finally had my money reimbursed and offered a free copy and one year support/updates when the new version is released this year.

For what Object Dock is, it is among the best, but it is not Circle Dock.
So far, any issues I have had with CD, I have been able to find a workaround or, know that it will be fixed in future distro's

Once again, thanks for the welcome.


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