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sTab looks fine but im a resource freak. i have everything unnecessary stopped or removed. including themes. no explorer etc. having tabs would be a great, but i already run xmousebuttoncontrol and autohotkey to help CD. adding another app would kill me :)
Having said that, i would forego tabs in favour of fixing the redrawing/hiding issues :)

Understand the resource issues. Depending on use, but it is nice to have a spanky quad core.
I have relegated all my customizations to core 4 and all other operations to the first 3 cores.
Since Ps4 is the only piece of software that I have that would take any advantage of core 4, I have restricted it.
This has allowed for quite a bit of flexibility in what I can get away with on my system.
I do not only use resources, by the gods, I create them, Therefore I also have 16G of DDR3 to go with.
This allows for extensive flexibility.

I know; a system like the home built one that I have is out of most folks reach.
But there are more affordable quad core laptops available, but I am holding off on the laptop, to do a new custom build based on Asus' new barebones i7 with an 18in screen, when it is released.
Now that is fun and resources able in one.

Also the StabLauncher's footprint is nominal, comparable to CD


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