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windows 7 beta available for free Jan 9 (!)

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Hmmm... It appears that there are only 10 keys*. I have them in an easily paste-able list, but I'm not sure if I should post them.

* At least using the method Deozaan posted earlier, some people are saying that some keys they got yesterday are different.

Installs quickly on my Macbook under VMWare. Resource usage is slightly higher than XP, but that could be due to unoptimised VMWare drivers (VMWare Fusion advised to use Windows Server 2008 profile for install). Not having used Vista since earlier last year, I don't remember but still lots more services than XP running, but according to the Windows 7 Dev blog they've been further optimised for lower CPU and thus lower power requirements.

I love the new taskbar, unification of the launch/management space is long overdue. As I moaned on the other Win 7 thread, forcing fundamental functionality (proper window management) to only work under aero is obnoxious. I really hope that aero is available for all versions of Win 7 when it comes out...


{source}  ;)

Carol Haynes:
ROFLMAO  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Well, I finally got the 64-bit version downloaded via the direct links provided by Download Squad.

It's currently installed on my AMD test box (Athlon 64 2.20ghz/RAM=2gb/NVidia chipset with onboard GeForce 6100 graphics) which is probably not the best platform to run it on. But it is equivalent to what most of my clients are using (if they're running a 64-bit CPU) so it provides me with some idea of what to tell them when/if they ask.

First impressions: very smooth install on a raw drive with only 2 reboots. Total time for the install was a little over 25 minutes from initial power-up to a functioning desktop with no surprises along the way. (I thought putting a Betta Splendens on the default desktop was kinda cute.)

All my major hardware was recognized except for one 1Gb NIC card. This card also needed a driver installed under XP so it's no big deal (although Ubuntu 8.04 did recognize and configure it automatically).

I only ran into one glitch so far. At one point, when I went to change the desktop theme, Windows Explorer crashed and had to restart itself. Other than that, everything seems to be working ok. I'm going to have to really push it when I figure out where everything is and get a little more comfortable using it. Microsoft obviously put some serious thought into the new control panels and system management tools.

IMHO: The "new look" is functional but boring with a capital B. (What is this fetish with baby-blue lately?) The best I can say about it is that I like it better than Vista.

Fingers crossed ;D


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