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windows 7 beta available for free Jan 9 (!)

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Here is the announcement.
Will you try it?
I was toying with the idea of installing Server 2008. The fact that this beta will be installed by many people seems like it could improve the final product faster than the standard way of not releasing it free as a beta.

I've got Server 2008 on a spare harddrive and was swapping it with my Vista install. Since I moved from 32 bit to 64 bit Vista I haven't bothered, though... I am seriously tempted to replace Server 2008 with Win 7 beta and give it a whirl.

Actually, I await with considerable impatience, the arrival of a newer, faster harddrive (Seagate Momentus 7200.3 20GB notebook drive) so wil probably install Win 7 on my current workhorse drive and play...

20GB hard drive - sheesh, don't use it all at once :P


320GB 7200 rpm Seagate 7200.3 drive...  ;D

The system requirements are a bit high, but I hope VirtualBox can cope with it. I'm not that eager to try it as to partition one of the hard drives, and install it there, just wanna play with it a bit.

Might I suggest Microsoft to run for the Guinness World Record of the most downloaded piece of software? I'm sure they could give Firefox 3 a beating, exactly the same beating their servers are going to receive :P


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