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Excellent Javascript Reference

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The other I came across an awesome reference about the Javascript programming language.

Those articles help to get a deeper understanding of javascript and provide many examples.

And if you like you can download the articles as PDF! :up:

I'm very, very rusty/novice in the JavaScript department--it has long been an embarrassing matter of fact and something I've wanted to rectify.  I've got a brand new, shiny text editor to play with and need something to do to put it through it's paces, may as well give this a look-see.  Thanks for the heads up.

If you want to use javascript to pep up websites, do consider using jquery. It will make your life a lot easier :-)

I guess solid knowledge of javascript can also come handy when developing XUL applications or extensions.

It's solid understanding I'm after, specifically.  My problem is getting started. I drag my feet. Once I find a happy launch pad, I'm insatiable. . .

Slow starter.

And I hate libraries. (Reason I've haven't delved into ruby: rails)

I'm starting to feel like I'm inclined toward counter-productivity...

I'm finding Douglas Crockford's materials (videos and posts) to be pretty decent -- I learned about these via a post by tinjaw.

I also found A re-introduction to JavaScript by Simon Willison to be helpful.

My two local currency units :)


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