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Excellent Javascript Reference

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On a related note, I came across the following at:


The typeof prefix operator returns a string based on the type of its parameter. Unfortunately, it provides the wrong result if the operand is null or an array.

The new typeOf global function is intended to replace the defective typeof operator. It produces the same result as typeof, except that it returns 'null' for null and 'array' for arrays.

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-ewemoa (December 18, 2008, 06:57 AM)
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I came across the following entry at Crockford's blog:

Mark Miller of The Google, by closely reading the ECMAScript standard, has discovered a simpler, more reliable test.

Object.prototype.toString.apply(value) === '[object Array]'

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Today I came across Eloquent JavaScript: An opinionated guide to programming by Marijn Haverbeke.  I haven't gotten very far in it, but I noticed that allen appears to have mentioned it earlier.

allen, did you end up going through the whole thing and do you have anything more to add regarding it?

allen, did you end up going through the whole thing and do you have anything more to add regarding it?
-ewemoa (January 03, 2009, 08:46 AM)
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What I did read, I enjoyed -- he's obviously quite passionate about the subject and seems to cover things pretty well. I haven't actually gone through the whole thing though--have mostly been reading Pro JavaScript Techniques (physical book) by John Resig. No opinion on that yet.

Thanks a lot for your comments about "Eloquent JavaScript".  I've made it through chapter 2 and my feeling so far is that the author seems to understand JavaScript pretty well and seems technically competent, but I am left wondering whether this is a good reference for my purposes. 

So far I feel like he is covering things too much (even things perhaps it might be better not to bother with -- e.g. the use of == <- why not always just use === ?).  May be I am saying this because I have become brainwashed by Crockford's line of using just particular portions of JavaScript :)  However, I'm thinking of continuing for a while longer before deciding whether to stop.

The Jon Resig book you mentioned was one I was curious about -- but I am actually more curious about his upcoming book "Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja". 

Incidentally, I am in the middle of watching a talk by him titled "Advancing JavaScript with Libraries" (MDC link, Ajaxian link).  Are you familiar with this one?

I resumed reading recently and managed to make it through chapters 3 and 4.  The extended cats example in chapter 4 is fun :)

Still haven't found a single resource I would recommend for learning JavaScript.  I like this book, but perhaps it could use some supplemental material regarding the idea of avoiding certain parts of the language.

On a tangential note, came across Smooth CoffeeScript which appears to have "mixed in" content from Eloquent JavaScript.  Anyone given this a read?


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