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NANY 2009 Release: PowerCircle

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Nice idea. Seems to be off by 1% though. e.g. when GetSystemPowerStatus says there's 83% left, PowerCircle says there's 82% left.

I use PowerCircle on my work laptop when I'm on battery because I know my battery will barely last past an hour, so it's great to have a simple visual indication of my battery remaining.

Great Work :Thmbsup:


This is working on Win8 and has a pretty accurate and readable display even in the ALT-TAB preview -unlike some clocks and other programs (gnash-gnash, moan-moan). I wish other programs could be so readily (to coin a word) glance-able.

As a feature request I would suggest the user could pick a different colour to show when the computer is plugged in and charging. So if the plug isn't switched on or the cable isn't firmly in -that would be obvious. I'm already so chuffed about the preview thing but that feature request would make it practically perfect!


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