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NANY 2009 Release: PowerCircle

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NANY 2009 Entry Information
Application Name PowerCircle Version 1.0 Short Description Circular battery monitor Supported OSes Windows with .NET Web Page Download Link System Requirements
* Windows (probably 2000+)
* .NETVersion History
* 12/31/08 - v1.0 Released
* v1.1 Released
* v1.2 ReleasedAuthor NinJA999/Shaken Software

I needed a battery monitor that fit into my desktop.  While I use RainMeter and like some of those meters, I figured I'd make my own.

It's easy to monitor battery remaining with PowerCircle, complete with:

* Transparent Background
* Different Sizes
* Color CustomizationPowerCircle easily blends into a desktop.

Planned Features
Maybe a low-power alarm or something.


Unzip it and run PowerCircle.exe

Using the Application
Left-clicking allows one to move the application.
Right-clicking allows one to access the menu.

Delete the files

Known Issues
The transparency doesn't work perfectly on the text.
(not really a program issue) I didn't have time to make the website awesome.  Right now it's just the picture above and a link.  :(

Looking nice  :Thmbsup: ...

Power Meter Plus was just featured on lifehacker and the initial feedback is positive... maybe you want to draw attention to your little gadget?

Thanks, glad you like it.  It was programmed in just a couple of days, because I was way too busy.  I feel like it's not up to the caliber of the other entries, but I use it myself, just in a corner of the screen on small.

I'm not sure mine can even stand up to the one featured on Lifehacker; that said, mine can fit into a smaller space (on the small setting)...

i love the look of it.


It looks worse in the picture because of the compression--the circle is actually pretty smooth.


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