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Noticed in a recent post a mockup of an app which I liked the look of (the mockup, not the app) (Found it here)
Followed up on it and found Balsamiq Mockups
I'm sure there are lots of uses for this apart from software and internet developers.

For "do gooders" (their phrase) and various others, they'll give a free licence. I was given one on the basis that I'm an educator (antithesis of a do gooder?)
Example mockups here.
[attach = #1][/attach]

You may even have a chance to get a free license as well if you are qualified… See below.

* If your company bought Mockups for Confluence, JIRA or XWiki, ask your IT admin for your company's license information and use it FREE of charge.
* If you are a do-gooder of any sort (non-profit, charity, open-source contributor, you get the idea), email Mariah with a short blurb and she'll send you a license, FREE of charge
* If you are a blogger / journalist / maven willing to write me up email Mariah a short blurb and she'll send you a license, FREE of charge
* If you are willing to demo Mockups to an audience of at least 15 people (at a user group, a conference, a BarCamp), email Mariah your info and she'll give you two licenses, one for you to keep and one to give away at the event, FREE of charge.
* If you don't fit in any of the four buckets above, you can buy a single-user license of Mockups for Desktop for $79 below.

Looks pretty nice - I like the fact that it does not use standard UI controls, but actually looks like a normal pen-and-paper mockup drawing. That way, potential clients aren't going to be confusing the mockup with a beta version of your software :)

Price is probably OK, but too high as long as I'm still only doing hobbyist programming... and I probably don't qualify as a do-gooder. If the desktop version had been $40, I'd probably have purchased.

Looks nice. I have mentioned a similar tool, Mockup Screens, before.

Mockups ...

I used to use powerpoint and this would be a better first step, it's quicker to mess about and experiment. Powerpoint has more interactivity options so you could guide a client through your site, which is great for usability testing.

Actually balsamiq mockups is so good i would just add interactivity with flash hmm.


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