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pb with shortcut drag/drop to circle dock

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sorry for my english but i'm french :)

i have a pb with the shortcut i drag to circle dock
when i drag a shorcut to an application into circle dock (shortcut in the desktop for exemple)
when i open circle dock and click in this shortcut in circle dock
windows ask to me, with what application i want to open this shortcut (and the path, is to open a .LNK)

it work when i drag the .exe into circle dock
but not with the shortcut of this application .LNK

Hello, what version of Circle Dock are you using? If you have a version before Alpha 8, go to and download Alpha 8.


i use 0.9.2 Alpha 8

I'm assuming you have Windows XP and that when you normally double-click .LNK icons in Windows, they open up programs correctly. Some people had problems with this before Alpha 8 and using non-English operating systems but with Alpha 8, people said the problem was solved. Could you right-click on one of the icons in Circle Dock that is giving you the problem and go into the "Item Settings" panel for it and provide a screenshot? That way, we can see what path Circle Dock is trying to open up. Normally, Circle Dock should be able to find the target executable for a .LNK icon and not actually open the .LNK icon itself.

here it is
the screenshot of Circle Dock
with the property of one shorcut
the link is good (to .exe)
but when i 2x clic
i have a question with what program i want to open this adsltv.lnk


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