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pb with shortcut drag/drop to circle dock

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is my problem have a solution

thanks a lot

Can you right-click on the icon on Circle Dock itself and select the "Item Settings" option to see what the target link Circle Dock is trying to open? When you open the "Item Settings" window, you will see the path to the file Circle Dock is trying to execute. Circle Dock automatically finds the target of .lnk shortcuts so you should see the actual target file path and not something with .lnk. Please provide a screenshot if possible.


do you see my screenshot below (with the Citroen C4 car)
it is the right clic on 'ADSL TV' icon from circledock
and the path is good to .exe
but not when i click on ADSLTV on circledock
he ask to open the .LNK

is the french OS version, may be the problem ???


The panel shown in your screenshot is not from Circle Dock itself. I need to see the Item Settings panel as shown in the screenshots below:

pb with shortcut drag/drop to circle dock1
pb with shortcut drag/drop to circle dock2

The problem may be because of the French language of your system but I have others who use French and don't have the error.

ok, sorry

here it is

i try to change langage, but anything change ...  :tellme:


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