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Needs Net Framework 3!

Found this DirectIT Directory Monitor - can't download anywhere! Gives me the runabout - I give up...  ;D

Found these for you:

* WatchDirectory - site is in Dutch...but hey, you live in SA, so it should not be a huge problem ;-)
* DirectIT Directory Monitor - TechRepublic hosts the file. You have to login though (free registration)
* File Alert Monitor - again TechRepublic
* DirectoryMonitor - guess...again TechRepublic!
You can find a lot more in the treasure trove that is called Techrepublic... :-)

You could try this one:
File Alert Monitor

Also, if you played with this, I think you might tune it to do what you want:
Process Monitor

Good luck!

Thanks guys - you certainly gave me plenty choices!

I have DirectIT up and running - will see how it measures up!  ;)

File Alert Monitor I just couldn't grab - page just timed out when I said download.  :huh:

Found these for you: WatchDirectory - site is in Dutch...-Shades (October 06, 2008, 09:29 AM)
--- End quote ---

- a little strange. At vnunet the program is announced as being freeware, in version 4.2.2, but in fact the Standard edition is $69, in version 4.5.5, and the Pro edition is $129 - and there is no freeware edition!

The good news is that they give you both 30 days of trial AND a 30-day Money-back guarantee! (all in English)


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