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Docs and Settings Deletion Warning

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Is there any way to have a small app to warn you if files are being deleted from Docs and Settings Folder?

I was uninstalling Super Flexible (thru Total Uninstall) so I could do a clean install after some problems, and only realised after some time had passed, that it had deleted thousands of my settings files (obviously a 'glitch')and I couldn't restore from Bin as I had not emptied it day before!

Fortunately, I dived into an Acronis Image and 'rescued' files.

I realise files change in there constantly in the normal course of events, but would be handy to know if necessary!

Thanks CleverCat    :)

this feature was requested before and i suggested this program - Directory Monitor Utility.


Product not available anymore!  :(

Found it thru Google here...  :Thmbsup:

File not found....  :down:

Found here but not a free one! Will try it anyway...


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