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'Everything' is one FAST file search engine

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wow it is fast. two tips, theres a ftp/http server so other users can remotely search your system (impressive), and if you search for *.ext then it seems to work on extensions only. It did scan insanely fast and searching is instant. Thinknig its worth having next to locate.

Also if you got a fileserver or backup server just run everything and one of the servers and you'll have instant access to its files remotely

Justice, you're right. I just followed the example on theirs page, but using "*.ext" searches properly the real extensions.

Yikes - it found the Hosts file in a couple seconds! :Thmbsup:

Copernic never found it...and took a lot of CPU!

Seconds? It is supposed to find it in a fraction of a second! (And it does on my system.) On the other hand, Copernic is not supposed to find it at all--unless you specifically tell it to search in Windows folder, which doesn't make sense IMHO.

(I noticed in this forum that filename indexing applications (like locate32) are often compared or even mistaken for content indexing applications (like Copernic). These are very different in many aspects, and both have theirs places even on a single system.)

I timed it - under a second...  ;D

I told Copernic to search Windows - still never found it...


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