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'Everything' is one FAST file search engine

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Lifehacker blogged about Everything, a search app similar to AvaFind (mini review), yesterday.
Both these are file name, and not context indexing tools. Both index files in realtime, unlike the universal favorite, Locate.

Some ways in which Everything differs from Avafind -

* Boolean & Regex support.
* Highlighting the searched text within results.
* It doesn't allow blocking specific folders from being indexed
* No recently launched/downloaded files panes like Avafind
* Eerily fast indexing (seeing is believing!)
Everything is under 300 KB & free. I'd say it still has some important features missing but this app looks very promising, totally worth taking for a spin.

I thought Locate did (at least near) realtime indexing?

It doesn't track newly added files. I'll uninstall everything else once it starts doing that. I believe the feature ranks high on the author's to-do list, so I suppose it's just a matter of time. *fingers crossed*

Thanks nosh for the heads up. The speed of indexing is really amazing. But it wouldn't be me not to point out some problems--besides some more special features missing (compared to locate32):

* doesn't properly sort Unicode filenames
* always case-sensitive search for accented characters
* doesn't comply to system setting "Single-click to open"
* no simple way to search for extensions (the recommended method like ".mp3" searches for the string within the filename, not real extensions)
* no saved searches
This all works in locate32. "Everything" beats it in the indexing speed and real-time file monitoring, though.

I agree yksyks - I didn't even bother comparing the thing to Locate coz the sheer flexibility & depth of features the latter provides would probably take other devs years to incorporate into their apps, assuming they even bothered. This is strictly for the "must-have-realtime" crowd, which is why I compared it to Avafind. I can't wait for Locate to fill in the few remaining blanks (realtime indexing, recently launched/changed/added file panes, highlighting of searched terms within results...) so we can have the perfect (filename) search app.  :) 


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