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FARR plugin: FARR Remember The Milk 1.1.3

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Excellent update phitsc! I like you can now only show the title. Still a minor thing; now that the whole bottom line (which can contain priority, due date etc) is empty I think it makes sense to use a bigger font size for the title like in the screenshots I posted :)

Great work  :-*
-d4ni (October 05, 2008, 05:03 AM)
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Don't know if that's possible. I only tell FARR what to display. Displaying the items is done by FARR.

I have put together a few tips and tricks which might not be obvious from the help file. I hope you find them useful.

Adding tasks

* Fastest way to add a task:

rtm a Title of task

This task will belong to the Inbox list.<br>

* Parameters and switches don't have to be at the end, e.g. these are the same:

rtm a Title of task /list=FarrMilk<br>
rtm a /list=FarrMilk Title of task

They can even be at the beginning and at the end, e.g.

rtm a /list=FarrMilk Title of task /p1

This can be convenient for example when used together with FARR hotkeys. If you have a list which you add tasks to very often, you can create a FARR hotkey for it by opening FARR's options window, then go to Lists - Hotkeys, right click the hotkeys list and select 'Add a new entry', in the 'Text for Search Edit Box' type, e.g. 'rtm a /list=FarrMilk ' (note the space at the end) and choose a hotkey. When pressing that hotkey FARR will open and all you have to do is type the name of the task. You can now still add /p1 at the end to make it a high priority task or add a due date with the /due parameter, or add any of the other possible options.

* To make a task due today or tomorrow you can use the /today or /tomorrow switch respectively.<br>

Viewing tasks

* Fastest way to view all your tasks:

type rtm+Enter

then continue typing to filter for a specific task.<br>

* Overdue tasks have a * after their due date.<br>

* Use the 'Only show used task properties' and 'Omit priority' options to de-clutter the tasks list. Type rtm options+Enter to open the options window.<br>

* Type rtm t /today or rtm t /tomorrow to filter for today's or tomorrow's tasks respectively. Type rtm /overdue to show all overdue tasks.<br>

* Whenever you see tasks in the FARR result list (which is most of the time) note that the status bar will show you how many overdue tasks are currently in the list as well as display the total estimated time of all tasks in the list.<br>

* When sorting tasks you can reverse the sort order by adding a - at the end of the sort switch, e.g. to sort alphabetically from z to a type rtm t /sn-<br>

* With the /sa switch you can sort tasks according to their add date, something you can't do in the RTM web interface.<br>


* After editing a task in the RTM web interface, type rtm reload+Enter to update FarrMilk's cache.


I get this message when i try to allow FARR to access my rtm. How can I fix this?

I get this message when i try to allow FARR to access my rtm. How can I fix this?
-loetje (October 07, 2008, 09:04 AM)
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I've found a way to reproduce this. Could you please check if this is what might have happened?

When you type rtm for the first time, two things happen:
1. FARR shows a single result which is 'Grant Access Permission'
2. A web browser opens asking you to log into your RTM account, and if you did that, presenting you a page with an 'OK, I'll allow it' button on it.

What you have to do now is:
1. Press the 'OK, I'll allow it button' first. And only after you did that:
2. Select 'Grant Access Permission' in FARR and hit Enter

If you do it the other way round, i.e. select 'Grant Access Permission' first, in which case the status bar will read 'Granting access failed', and then hit the 'OK, I'll allow it' button, you'll get that 'API issue' page.

I also got that very same page when I was experimenting with accessing RTM via https instead of http (with the API), so I guess there are other scenarios that lead to the same error page.

What would be the easiest way to view/edit notes for a task that you have already brought up.

For example if I'm at: rtm tasks /id:xxxxxxxx,xxxxxxxx,xxxxxxxx




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