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The FARR Remember The Milk Plugin (FarrMilk) allows you to access your Remember the Milk (RTM) tasks and lists using Find and Run Robot (FARR). A lot of what you can do via the RTM web interface you can do with FarrMilk.

Check out these two video demos (of preliminary versions) to get an idea of what FarrMilk is: Demo 1, Demo 2

What you can and can't do with FarrMilk

* View your tasks
* Filter your tasks by task name, by list, by tag, by priority and by due date
* Sort your tasks by task name, by priority, by due date, by date added, by date completed and by URL
* Add new tasks
* Delete tasks
* Complete / Uncomplete tasks
* Move tasks from one list to another
* Postpone tasks
* Change a task's properties, including its name, priority, due date, recurrence, time estimate, tags, location and URL
* Add, edit and delete task notes
* View your lists
* Add new lists
* Delete lists
* Archive / Unarchive lists
* View your tags
* View tasks of your smart lists (with limitations! read About Smart Lists further down)

* Share tasks (missing in the RTM API)
* Send tasks (missing in the RTM API)
* Manage contacts and groups (although the RTM API would allow this, I feel it doesn't make much sense without task sharing or sending functionality).
* Manage locations
* Create smart lists
* Modify more than one task at the same time
* FarrMilk currently doesn't support languages other than English
* probably more...
Download & Install
Download the FarrMilk installer from here then double-click FarrMilkSetup.exe to start the installation. I've tested the installer on both Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit. If you'd rather install the plugin manually, you can download it from here, then unzip it into the FARR plugins directory (usually C:\Program Files\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins) and restart FARR.

Getting started
Before you can use FarrMilk you'll have to authorise the plugin to manipulate your RTM account. To do this, open FARR and type rtm, a web browser will open asking you to log into your RTM account. After logging in, press the [OK, I'll allow it] button. Then switch back to the FARR window (which should still be open in the background. If it isn't you probably have set FARR to hide when focus is lost in the Window Mode / Focus settings. Change that to Ignore until authorisation is complete) and hit enter. After a short delay in which your tasks and lists are downloaded you should see the FarrMilk main menu and are ready to go!

Next, type rtm <Enter> to show a list of your tasks or rtm help to learn about the details of using FarrMilk.

All feedback is welcome. Not only about the plugin, but also about the help file.

FEP (frequently encountered problems)
ProblemSolutionWhen using both FarrMilk and the GooglePlus plugin GooglePlus' options window pops up every time you enter GPIf you are running GooglePlus v1.1 or lower replace GooglePlus' fscript.js file with this oneFarrMilk crashes when you try to select an itemIf you are running any FScript-based plugins make sure they are all using FScript.dll 1.16 or newer (get it from here)
Version history
1.1.3 - 7. November 2011

* Fixed a crash related to tasks created by email
* Added info concerning the configuration of proxy servers requiring user / password
1.1.2 - 10. November 2010

* Tags and Notes now support UTF8 characters
* Power user command for archiving a list is now 'vl'
1.1.1 - 6. January 2010

* Renamed 'Parse task name for due date' option to 'Use Smart Add', because that is what it's now doing
* Updated libcurl
1.1.0 - 12. May 2009

* Added option 'Highlight exact tag match'
* Added option 'Highlight search term'
* Added tool tips to some of the options
* Implemented sorting by list (/s:l or /sort:list)
Spoiler1.0.0 - 4. April 2009

* Added more useful error message in case FarrMilk can't connect to the RTM server
* Added proxy support (can be set in the Options window)
* Reversed order of how task properties are specified for sorting in Options window (It's more logical now, but you need to manually update your sorting order!)
* Priority, tags and list can now be specified in a dialog when adding a task (see 'Adding a task' in help file)
0.4.5 - 8. January 2009
- Added RTM API call throttling to keep requests to 1 request per second

0.4.4 - 14. December 2008
- Fixed bug "can't authenticate after a fresh install of FarrMilk"

0.4.3 - 13. December 2008
- FarrMilk now uses the api endpoint instead of the www endpoint (as was recently suggested by Remember The Milk)

0.4.2 - 10. December 2008
- Fixed bug "can't get the list of tasks from a list with a space in it"
- Store FarrMilk.ini in user's application data directory instead of FarrMilk plugin directory

- The selected task's add date and modified or completed date are now displayed in the status bar
- The selected note's add date and modified date are now displayed in the status bar
- It's now possible to add a new note when a task's existing notes are displayed
- Tasks can now be sorted by date modified (/sm, use /sm- to see most recently modified)
- Renamed sort names /sort:add to /sort:added and /sort:complete to /sort:completed
- When viewing a task's properties, notes or command list pressing Alt+Left (or Ctrl+Backspace) should now always take you back to the last task search if that was done with the tasks or t command

0.3.0 - 13. October 2008
- Added 'Change note of task' to task command list

0.2.0 - 4. October 2008
- Made tasks command more powerful and more intuitive. Instead of showing properties on Enter a command list is now shown. Hitting Shift+Enter will show properties by default but can be configured to complete or postpone the selected task.
- Added change properties command
- Added tasks, lists and tags commands to command auto completion list
- Auto completion list is now sorted according to most likely frequency of use (e.g. add task before add list)
- Completed tasks can now be shown by adding the /completed or /c switch. The switch only applies to the tasks and delete task commands and is always in effect on the uncomplete task command.
- Filtering down to one single task will no longer show the respective task's properties. Instead it will just show as a single task item in the result list. Likewise for the edit note and delete note commands.
- It's now possible to omit display of the list name if the list is Inbox (which is the RTM default list)
- Changed del (power user command to delete a task) to d
- Updated Getting started, Commands and Displaying tasks in the help file

0.1.0 - 29. September 2008
- Changed plugin name to FarrMilk
- trying yet another libcurl DLL (with hopefully better luck this time)

0.0.3 - 28. September 2008
- Fixed wrong processing of notes
- Added Basic concept of operation and Some examples to Getting started help topic
- Added Editing notes help topic

- Added rename list command to help file (the command was already implemented in 0.0.1)
- Changed archive list power user command to cl (from rl, which is used for rename list)
- Added /showall to help file
- changed libcurl DLL to a version without SSL support making the plugin package size smaller

0.0.1 - 24. September 2008
- First release.

This is a great work, phitsc!!
Anyone who uses online calendars will love this, I'm sure :D

Also don't forget to add the link to the screencasts!

Also don't forget to add the link to the screencasts!
-jgpaiva (September 24, 2008, 09:46 AM)
--- End quote ---
Yes, good idea! I've added links to the two preliminary videos in the first post.

I don't use Remember the Milk, but this plugin looks wonderful! Gorgeous!
This will/could certainly serve as an inspiration to others.
Great work!!!  :up:

I don't use Remember the Milk, but this plugin looks wonderful! Gorgeous!
This will/could certainly serve as an inspiration to others.
Great work!!!  :up:
-Armando (September 24, 2008, 10:26 AM)
--- End quote ---
Thanks! The nice visuals are all thanks to Hamradio by the way. He designed and made all the icons (140 icons!). He will of course also benefit from all donations I get ;)


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