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UltraEdit 11 - Best text editor?

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It may be something to think about whether the weekly reviews wouldn't be better suited if they were done more like guides, with a final recommendation of best app, but not so focused on the winner throughout.-mouser (April 24, 2005, 06:15 PM)
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Another great review, mouser. I'm impressed with how deep you dived into UltraEdit and was able to detect its weaknesses as well as strengths juxtaposed to the other editors. Regarding the quote above, I would allow that to be a different type of review, a "class/category" review rather than a "Best" award. No harm in taking that approach if their are many good choices and the field is unsettled. PSPad's performance really takes a hit when Word Wrap is on, and though it doesn't have many features, I wish every app had as elegant an interface as NotePad++. Like DNM, I have an affinity for EditPlus, and I think it stems from the fact that I can customize it to how I want to work.

Did anyone notice how many of the apps could almost be classified as abandonware? NoteTab, EditPlus, TextPad, Crimson Editor are a few that haven't had a major upgrade in years. If I had the brains for programming, I'd spend it building a better text editor, but I got looks instead. ;)

i should probably add info to the list of editors regarding which ones are actively developed and have active forums.
let me check performance with word wrap, that would be something really worth mentioning.

word wrapping it totally F*CKED in pspad.

yipes this sucks
i think i'm going to have to modify the review.
this is not acceptable.

its totally brought the program to a halt and also doesnt work right.
what a shame.

i've updated the review and withdrawn our recommendation of pspad - this is simply too big a problem and disqualifies PSPad from a recommendation.

i'll make a post on pspad forum; im sure they know about it but its worth mentioning to them again.

I posted on PSPad forum:


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