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Microsoft Streets And Trips 2008 Activation crud

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Having used releases of Streets And Trips back to 2003,  I had decided to skip 2007 and wait for 2008.
That was an unfortunate decision, as 2008 now includes activation crud.
Perhaps 2007 did as well, I don't know.

Seriously Microsoft, no more.
You will not see another $ for software from me - ever.

Is activation that big of a deal? I have never had an activation related problem that wasn't self-spurred.

For me it's the principle.
I have to trust that, if a machine gets hosed, MS will allow me to activate the software.
XP Pro falls in the same boat regarding my decision - the last OS I will buy from them.

This activation stuff is in the same category as DRM.
I've just started reading Cory Doctorow's "Content"

I fail to see it as a real issue. Many companies use this method of software protection and it hasn't proven to me, at least, to be problematic. If it did, I would raise a big fuss about it. However, I find most of the activation problems that most users fear are just brought upon by uneducated news media spreading information that doesn't represent a large majority of a given sample populous.

Those that could not activate their Vista systems due to server outages may disagree with you Josh.


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