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Microsoft Streets And Trips 2008 Activation crud

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The only thing that makes me worried with activation is:
will they allow me to do it when their support will end? How long will it be possible to activate my WinXP?

Teoritically it should be possible to run XP without activation for couple of days but last time I had made an installation it couldn't run without. I had to call some robot and input strange numbers to make everything work. I can't imagine myself to use pirate version because of that. And, after all, I paid my month salary for CD.

Has that happened since? And all that did was delay it a day. Activation allows you 30 days last I checked and that can be extended up to 120 days. Every system has bugs and microsoft has since ironed those out.

Josh, you have the right to feel that way.
Others like me disagree - many of us.

Like I said, this is no different than the issue regarding DRM - especially with regard to music and books.
Read Cory's book.


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